Such a mobile POS terminal has not been here yet.
The first mobile POS terminal with a frameless
5.99 ̎ HD display is used for clearer
use. Sunmi in V2 Pro is an ultra-thin
concept, with only 13 mm at its narrowest point.

With a top design and
ergonomic body,
it fits perfectly in your pocket.

With a non-slip back cover, you will
never fall off the table, even if the
double jacket reduces the force of the impact.

The only wider place is the part in which the thermal printer with the possibility of quick printing of receipts is located. Using optional NFC technology, you can build your customer network and loyalty programs.

Optionally, the terminal can be equipped with a
standard rear optical camera as well as a laser
1D reader. Charging works via USB-C.
It uses
Sunmi V2 Pro Android 7.1 as its operating system .