Sunmi V1S

The Sunmi V1s is the logical successor to the popular V1 model. It has a safer and faster Android 6.0 system. The display has a diagonal of 5.5 “, but offers a better resolution than ever before – 1280 × 720 pixels. Thinner frames around the display help the modern look. 

The high-capacity 5200mAh battery
will allow hours and hours of work.
The powerful integrated
Seiko thermal printer enables fast and convenient printing.
V1S offers several internet connection options
. You can use a Wi-Fi signal
or place a
data SIM card in the V1S terminal . 

The terminal uses a more modern and faster
cable connection via USB-C,
which brings faster charging and the possibility of
connecting various external devices.

Optional accessories in the form of a multifunctional scanning platform will free your hands. It is also possible to purchase a charging cradle as a separate accessory for the terminal.

The five-megapixel camera with its own flash
and autofocus function brings more convenient
and faster scanning of barcodes or QR codes.