The second generation of the Sunmi desktop POS terminal combines
new technologies and excellent processing. It is faster,
more powerful and built on the Android 7.1 operating system.
A certified CHDU repository
with PPEKK and an open API for integrating third-party applications may be included . 

The clean design and aluminum base will meet the demands of even the most demanding users. Behind the rear door is a rich number of ports that increase the expandability of the device, but do not spoil the overall aesthetic impression. 

Optional displays


15.6 "+ 15.6"

15.6 "+ 15.6"

15.6 "

T2 Lite exists in several variants, which differ in the number and size of displays. The main screen is 15.6̎ in size and in combination with Full HD resolution the image is sharp and high quality, in addition with protection against scratches and water with the possibility of vertical rotation. An option with a 10.1 “or 15.6” customer display is available as an option.