Sunmi NS021 is a 1D & 2D scanner that
can read 2D QR codes in addition to barcodes.

Fast scanning

High quality CMOS chip and allows fast
scanning from any original. Whether
it’s paper or phone display.

The scanner can also handle corrupted codes.
A special algorithm can reliably
scan even problematic parts of 1D and 2D codes.

Thanks to the integrated backlight and the high-quality
CMOS chip, it can handle scanning even in poorly
lit areas. Scanning is possible
at maximum angles of 45 ° (horizontal) and
34 ° (vertical). Successful scanning is
accompanied by an audible signal and a slight vibration.

The scanner button is tested for
3,000,000 presses.

The body of the scanner can then withstand a fall from a height of
1.2 meters.

a practical positionable
Sunmi ND0B0 base station can be purchased with the NS021 scanner.