Terminal service

Problems printing, displaying, or battery?
We will repair your terminal, whatever its name is.
We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

We repair quickly and reliably

Cracked displays

Battery not working

Non-printing printers

Broken USB connectors


Broken Wi-Fi

Entrust us with your sick terminals

725 325 271
702 142 452


Satomar, sro Hajecka 14 618 00 Brno

Attach a copy of the proof of purchase and the completed complaint form to the claimed goods.
When sending goods for post-warranty repair, attach only the completed complaint form to the consignment.

Technical support for the Sunmi terminal: 530 331 893 / email: servis@satomar.cz
We repair displays, batteries, motherboards, USB connectors, more here Manual for the Sunmi V1 / V1s / V2 / V2 Pro terminal can be found here Guide for the first start-up of the Sunmi V1 terminal / V1s / V2 / V2 Pro can be found here Connecting Sunmi V1 / V1s / V2 / V2Pro to a PC in Windows 10 can be found  here